Our Skills

We share our international expertise with our clients.

INTERNATIONAL Litigation Paris - Geneva

Archipel’s experience in handling complex cross-border litigations is probably unsurpassed for a firm of its size. We work with our clients to coordinate procedures in civil and common law jurisdictions, including in specific systems such as OHADA. We take pride in operating successfully in difficult jurisdictions while maintaining international standards. In every litigation, we consider the most cost-effective solutions and we use Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques where appropriate.

INTERNATIONAL Arbitration Geneva

From its offices in Geneva, a traditional hub of international arbitration, Archipel offers comprehensive arbitration and ADR services. The firm’s lawyers have vast experience in international commercial arbitration under the Swiss Rules (SCAI) and the ICC Rules as well as under numerous other arbitration rules, including UNCITRAL, PCA, LCIA, NAI, Court of Arbitration for Sport, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, etc. At Archipel, we understand that our clients are not in the business of conducting arbitrations. We always consider whether mediation and other ADR techniques could bring faster and better outcomes to our clients’ disputes.

Corporate life Paris - Geneva

Archipel provides advice to clients on all aspects of company life: structuring, incorporation, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, winding-up, restructuring and employment issues. The firm also advises managers and shareholders on all matters concerning shareholder relations. Archipel has experience in handling civil and common law established companies and groups of companies involving entities from different jurisdictions.

Business ethics and compliance Paris - Geneva

Archipel advises its clients on compliance matters: we carry out internal audits and investigations, risk assessments, advise on codes of conduct, anti-corruption issues, etc.


Archipel assists its clients in getting the right contract for the right situation. Archipel provides legal and practical advice on all contracts common in international commerce: sales, distribution, franchising, agency, licensing, leasing, etc.


Archipel advises clients in every aspect of sovereign debt, including from emerging markets (it is an affiliate member of EMTA, the Emerging Markets Trade Association). The firm has specific expertise in all issues concerning sovereign assets and assets covered by an immunity regime. Archipel is also experienced in handling international public bodies. In negotiations with governments, international organisations or state-owned companies, Archipel uses its practical experience to the advantage of its clients.


Archipel is a leading player in international enforcement and debt recovery, with a proven track record in fraud investigations. The firm enforces judgments and arbitral awards across the world, including against sovereign states or state-owned entities, planning and carrying out the enforcement strategy through its international network of advisers, consultants, asset tracers and local lawyers.

Fraud & White-collar crime Geneva

In Geneva, Archipel advises Swiss and international clients before cantonal and federal authorities. Its lawyers have extensive experience in white-collar crime defense and international judicial assistance. In Paris, Archipel works with trusted criminal defense practitioners.

foreign investment Paris - Geneva

Investing in a foreign country is a challenge in itself. Archipel takes charge of the legal side and allows its clients to focus on building their local businesses. Archipel advises clients on investing in the OHADA region and has acquired a top knowledge of OHADA law.


Archipel is a recognised service provider on all matters concerning state sanctions (UN, EU, Swiss and OFAC). The firm advises clients on the impact of domestic and international sanctions regimes on their current contracts or their future endeavours.


Archipel advises domestic and international clients in relation to all corporate matters in the Wine & Spirits industry. This includes advising international clients on the legal, tax and regulatory aspects of investing in French vineyards.

SPORT Geneva

Archipel represents athletes and federations before sport resolution panels, arbitral tribunals and domestic courts. Archipel understands the legal and economic aspects of the sports industry and assists sports stakeholders on governance issues: establishing and modernising rules and regulations, providing integrity advice and conducting investigations to prevent or identify misconduct, etc.