Michaël Schlesinger participates in an Oxford debate on enforcement during the IBA Arb40 Symposium

Panellists were invited to confirm or deny the motion that enforcing awards against sovereigns has become a highway to hell.

On 13 April 2023, our partner Michaël Schlesinger lent himself to the play of an Oxford debate organized ahead of the IBA in Lisbon by the Arb40 subcommittee, alongside Isabela Lacreta, Timothy Mayer, Gabriele Ruscalla, & Alipak Banerjee.

While the overwhelming majority was initially in favour of the motion – that enforcement against sovereigns is a high way to hell – the polls were much more balanced by the end of the discussion -> when soundly driven, enforcement may rather be a stairway to heaven than a way to hell.

Archipel thanks Agnes Bizard & Juan Felipe Merizalde for the invitation.


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