Archipel is an international law firm operating through separate legal entities that provide legal services in accordance with the laws of the jurisdictions in which they are based.

SELAS Archipel is a French Société d’exercice libéral par actions simplifiée registered with the Paris Bar. Its partners are (by alphabetical order): Prosha Dehghani, Jacques-Alexandre Genet, Emmanuel Kaspereit and Michaël Schlesinger .

Archipel (Suisse) is a Swiss unincorporated firm based in Geneva. Its partners are registered with the Genevar bar, subject to the specifications below. They are (by alphabetical order): Janelise Favre, Giulio Palermo*, Lezgin Polater, Laurence Ponty and Guillaume Tattevin**.

*also registered in Rome and Madrid

**Avocat à la Cour (Paris) – registered with the Geneva Bar (EU/EFTA)

SELAS Archipel and Archipel (Suisse) are members of Archipel Law, a Swiss verein that does not itself provide legal services.

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